“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I’m excited! I have many people for which to be thankful.

I have narrowed it down to 10 different people. I could do more. I hope you enjoy reading this list. It should give you a lot of insight into my life! Happy Thanksgiving!

#1 My Amazing Wife.

Photo Courtesy of Niji Stanley Photography (c)

Photo Courtesy of Niji Stanley Photography (c)

Wow, Betina is amazing. I am so incredibly thankful that God has given me a wife that pushes me to become better in every way. She is thoughtful, loving, beautiful, prayerful, hardworking, intelligent, and fun! She is truly my best friend. She is the love of my life. I am looking forward to many more adventures together!

#2 My Beautiful Daughter.

Picture Courtesy of Betina Daniel (c)

Picture Courtesy of Betina Daniel (c)

Haha, Sophia is awesome. I am so thankful that God allowed me to become the father of a witty, winsome, and beautiful daughter. If she is not preaching to an imaginary audience or prancing around the house like a rockstar, then she is in the kitchen, standing on a step stool, coordinating our culinary efforts. Sophia is a killer leader. She will change the world.

#3 My New Son.

I am going to be a father… again! I am excited and nervous. We are having a baby boy in March 2014. Please keep Betina and our new little one in your prayers. I am thankful for a new child. I pray that he becomes a man of character, a man of prayer, and a man of truth. Hey, with Sophia at his side, these two are going to kick-butt and take names! Haha!

#4 My Sacrificial Parents.

Photo Courtesy of Betina Daniel (c)

Photo Courtesy of Betina Daniel (c)

My parents are the most sacrificial people that I know. Without their support and prayers, I would not be able to accomplish much in life. They give me so much wisdom, love, and encouragement. They care for our practical needs and also uphold us in prayer. My mom prays for everything that I do! My dad provides great thoughts for my speaking engagements! They do so much for us! I am thankful to God for such Godly parents. 

#5 My Crazy Brothers.

Thankful For2

Benji is the funniest person that I know. I am thankful for all the ways that God has opened doors in his life. Benji has the potential to do anything. God has a great plan for his life. I pray for many more years of laughter, conversation, and brotherhood.

Thankful For6

Sibi has become an integral part of my life. He is the best brother-in-law a man can ask for! It has been a joy to see him excel in the medical world. I am thankful for his thoughtful conversations, hours of playing FIFA, and moments of prayer. God will use Sibi to change the world!

#6 My Helpful In-Laws.

Thankful For1

Betina’s parents have been a great source of encouragement. We are thankful that we get to see them often. My mother-in-law sends me notes of encouragement via text or email almost every week! I am thankful that God has given me great in-laws.

#7 My Best Friends.

Photo Courtesy of Roy Varughese (c)

Photo Courtesy of Roy Varughese (c)

I have to give a special shout out to my dear friends, Roy and Jason. We don’t get to see each other often, but I am a better person today because of them. They were my roommates in college. We truly enjoy spending time together. It is amazing to see our children play together. I am thankful to God for them! 

#8 My Spiritual Mentors.

I am incredibly thankful for men of God like Jason Thomas, Phil Ebersole, Leon Fillyaw, and Barney Ford for taking time out of their busy lives to mentor me through different seasons of life. I have learned so much about myself and God when meeting with these men. I am a better person because of them!

#9 My Area Team.

Photo Courtesy of Ron Chan (c)

Photo Courtesy of Ron Chan (c)

Ok, hands down, I have the best campus ministry team in the world! These men and women are Godly, bold, and entrepreneurial. These people are my heroes. We have advanced and established God’s Kingdom in various university campuses all over North Texas and Oklahoma. I am thankful to God for this team!

#10 South Asian Task Force.

Thankful For8

I am extremely thankful that I get to work with these South Asian American ministers! These men and women are thinking deeply about what it means to be Christian and South Asian American. I aspire to be like many of the people in this group. I count it a privilege to work together. 

Who are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I know that you have many people in your life that make you better. Do not ever take them for granted. Make sure that you let them know that you are thankful for their presence in your life. When you take the time to put good people in your life, you will see life differently. You believe that you can make a difference. You also believe that they can make an impact too. You are an Everyday World Changer. Start today!

Happy Thanksgiving! Who are you thankful for? I would love to hear from you! Please comment below or send me an email!