I love reading blogs! I get so many great ideas and new perspectives when I take time to scan blog posts daily. I do this efficiently by using an application called “Feedly“. Feedly creates a simple, minimalistic inbox for all of the blogs to which I subscribe. If you want more information on how to use Feedly, then just contact me. I can help!

Photo Courtesy of striatic (CC)

Photo Courtesy of striatic (CC)

I have met many people that have countless excuses for not reading blogs, like the following:

  • Takes too much time to read blog posts
  • Reading is a luxury I can’t afford in this stage of my life
  • I have more important things to do in a day
  • I don’t know how to read a bunch of blogs
  • Blogs are for hipsters or college students, no value added 

These reasons are either short-sighted or not true. I have a demanding 60+ hour/week job. My wife works full-time. We have a three year old daughter. We have another child on the way. We are constantly hosting people at our house. Yet in the midst of that, I make time to read blogs. Why?

Leaders read. Readers lead. It is as simple as that. I believe you must make it a priority. Blog reading can revitalize your leadership and jumpstart your influence. Here are 7 reasons why blog reading can enhance your leadership:

#1 Keeps You Current and Up to Date 

Blogs are being updated every moment. Breaking news hits the blogosphere and social media first. Cutting edge ideas about health, science, business, leadership, religion, and “you name it” are being introduced into the marketplace of ideas via blogs. Take time to scan a few blogs and you will be “in-the-know” in no time!

#2 Broadens Your Knowledge Base

Blogs are a great source of valuable information. When you put together the right combination of blogs to read, you will have a clear pulse of our world. Everyone is blogging. Doctors. Lawyers. Engineers. Business leaders. Non-profit organizations. Chefs. Photographers. Bands. You can get hands-on, practical lessons and ideas from all of these great people at the tip of your fingers!


#3 Stretches Your Thinking and Perspective

Subscribe to blogs that are not necessarily in line with your perspective. For example, if you are a conservative, then you should also read liberal blogs. If you are a calvinist, then read arminian blogs. If you like cooking, then also read about fitness. Haha… moving along. Don’t be afraid to read contradicting perspectives on leadership, business, and religion. These ideas will coalesce in your mind and improve your leadership.

#4 Opens Doors into your Niche Interests

Blogs connect you to great people. It is amazing how accessible some blog writers can be. With the push of a few buttons, you can send a comment, voicemail, email, and/or text message to amazing blog writers. Now the inaccessible has become wildly accessible. Consider how many new connections, networks, and opportunities can be open to you if you remain a faithful blog reader. One of my favorite bloggers is Michael Hyatt (Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing). I have only commented on his blog twice in the past 4-5 years. He responded both times. Crazy.

#5 Provides Great Data and Illustrations

I am constantly looking for great stories and/or inspiring data about Christianity, University Campuses, Ethnicity, Leadership, etc. Blogs provide this kind of information! Anytime that I make a presentation or give a talk, I am constantly redirecting students to blogs to take a deeper dive. Millennials love merging the online world into their daily life. I subscribe to blogs in various categories in order to get the data I need. Here are my main categories (this is a picture of Feedly mobile on my iPhone):

Feedly and Leadership2

#6 Provokes Stimulating Conversation with Peers

Nothing is better than having meaningful conversation over a meal or coffee. My most memorable conversations are centered around important ideas and events happening in the world. I’ve heard it said, “Small minds talk about people, Average minds talk about events, and Great minds talk about ideas…” Blogs provide insight into current events. Blogs provide thoughts about our world and how we interact with it. Next time you don’t know what to chat about, simply bring up a thought-provoking blog post!

#7 Sparks Your Own Creativity

There have been many moments that a blog article will stimulate my thinking on other subject matters. For example, I love reading tips about blogging and social media, but then I will translate those ideas into what I do with college students on campus! Blog reading gives me new ways to think about problems. It gives me the jumpstart I need to create a new talk or write a new blog.

Leaders read blogs.

I hope that this will give you the additional boost you need to start reading more — especially more blogs. Remember that information alone will not give you everything, but when you take time to reflect on what you have read, it will make you better. Taking time to read blogs regularly will improve your leadership! Reading blogs is a great way you can get involved in the world around you! You are an Everyday World Changer. Start today!

Do you have any other suggestions about blog reading? Do you think it enhances your leadership? Please comment below or send me an email!