Unbelievable. This year is almost over. I can still remember bringing in last year. As you reflect upon this past year, what do you remember? What are the highlights? What was challenging?

The art of remembering and reflection is an important part of being a world changer. God is not merely interested in making an impact around you, but also in you. I encourage you to use these 5 questions to reflect upon this past year. 

"Quiet Time" Photo Courtesy of Betina Daniel (c)

“Quiet Time” Photo Courtesy of Betina Daniel (c)

At the beginning of this year, I launched this blog with a post entitled, 5 Marks of an Everyday World Changer. If you have time, please read that post. I will use these 5 Marks as a guide for these reflection questions.

Live Intentionally.

What word (or phrase) would you assign this past year? Did you live with purpose and vision? Did you make this past year count?

Building. This past year was all about building my personal life, family life, and work on campus.

I am building my internal (spiritual and emotional) world by meeting with a spiritual director and other mentors regularly. I am building my personal platform through increased public speaking and regular weekly blogging.

I am building my family’s future by finding an amazing new home church, preparing our home for the arrival of our new little one, and leading Betina and Sophia as beautiful women of God. I am building my area staff team into seasoned, Godly, young professionals by developing each staff member’s leadership acumen and instincts.

I am thankful for a year of living intentionally.

Photo Courtesy of Ron Chan (c)

InterVarsity North Texas and Oklahoma Area Team – Photo Courtesy of Ron Chan (c)

Lead Passionately.

How did you lead others with your words, actions, or lifestyle? Did your leadership bring about positive impact? What are you proud of this past year?

I did my best this past year to lead others with genuine passion and intensity. I am extremely thankful that God continues to grow the ministry of InterVarsity/USA in North Texas and Oklahoma.

I remember praying that my area team would break the 600-student mark. Now, God has totally surpassed my expectations. I am amazed and humbled to lead this growing, vibrant movement of college students and world changers.

I received many emails, thank you cards, and voicemails from people that were impacted by something that I did. This year, I kept all the thank you cards and emails and pinned them on a cork-board in my office so I could remember God’s faithfulness!

I am thankful for a year of leading passionately.

Love Genuinely.

Who did you love this year? Did you express love in a lavish and genuine way? Would you change anything about how you expressed love?

Loving Jesus has always been a number 1 priority for me. I feel like I had some amazing breakthrough moments with Jesus. I love Him more deeply than when I started this year. I would be nothing without Jesus. He must increase. I must decrease.

I wanted to show my wife that I loved her (in a practical way) by making space for her to achieve a stepping stone for her pharmacy career with a BCPS certification. I knew that she would need extra time to study, so I showed love by taking on more around the house (which was tough for me at times with extensive travel). But I’m excited to say that Betina took her exam and passed!

I started taking Sophia on “Donut Dates” this year. She is old enough to have conversation and it gives me a great excuse to get donuts! Win-win!

I am thankful for a year of loving genuinely.

"Donut Dates"

“Donut Dates”

Learn Constantly.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do when the year started? What have you learned about yourself?

I had never blogged before January 2013. Now, I have written 45 different posts and over 48,000 words. I blogged once every week… almost! I did not know how to do this a year ago, but I have grown in this capacity. I have learned how to build a website and leverage social media to make a positive influence on others.

Also, I learned how to read way more than ever before. Also, I have learned what it takes to give 60+ talks in one year. What a crazy ride!

I am thankful for a year of learning constantly.

Leap Adventurously. 

How did you take a risk this past year? Did you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone? What was the outcome?

I drove out to Abilene Christian University in hopes of starting a new InterVarsity/USA chapter. I went to campus, prayed with students, shared vision… and nothing happened. But at least I tried. I tracked down my contacts and did not give up until the very end. I call that a win.

I went to Texas A&M Commerce to start another InterVarsity/USA chapter. I was pulled out of my comfort zone as I befriended students from the Gospel Choir and immersed into their world. My dear colleague, Sean Watkins, has continued to shape my thinking about reaching African American students for Jesus. I believe God is going to do something amazing at that campus! I am proud of these students.

Both of these endeavors were a huge risk for me. One failed, one didn’t. The important thing is that I tried to lead adventurously this year.

BCM Collage 2

Students at InterVarsity’s Regional BCM Conference

How about you?

I encourage you to take these 5 sets of questions and reflect upon this past year. If you have time, just sit down with your journal and write down all of your thoughts. Remember that God is not only changing the world through you, but in the midst of that process, He is changing you!  You are an Everyday World Changer. Remember this!

Please tell me about your past year. I would love to hear from you! Send me a prayer request. Please comment below or send me an email!