It’s a new year! There are many possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. Will you make this year THE YEAR that counts? Will you do something significant? Will you make a difference? Will you leave a mark for future generations? I believe you can!

Royalty Free Clip Art found at (cc)

Royalty Free Clip Art found at (cc)

After reflecting on last year, I am thankful for the progress I made in certain parts of my own life. But as I looked back on many of my journal entries, I noticed something about myself.

I worry… a lot. About everything. Family. Work. Friends. Health. Relatives. Students. Staff. Ministry. Speaking Engagements. New baby! The list just keeps going. Wow!

But I also noticed another trend. About halfway into my journal entry, I would start focusing on the big picture. I would take a step back and ask “Where is Jesus in this circumstance?”. Also, I would consider “Why am I thinking this way?”. The tone of my journal entries changed as I shifted my focus toward Jesus.

Going through this process taught me 4 important values. Yes, life is going to be tough, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make this new year count! I hope these 4 values will guide you during the upcoming new year! They are as follows:

#1 Gain an accurate view of Jesus.

Jesus is a big deal. Jesus needs to become the center of your life. I am trying to consider this everyday this new year. Even if the upcoming year is filled with trial, difficulties, and tears, with Jesus at the center, it will be a year of impact and significance. Remember that Jesus is good. He may lead you into risky places this year, but it will work out for your good. Be confident in Jesus this year.

#2 Gain an accurate view of yourself.

Self awareness is huge. I discovered I am a worry-wart. Though I never express it outwardly, it became very apparent after reviewing my journal entries. You must continue to learn more about yourself. Humility is having an accurate view of yourself, not demeaning yourself. Take opportunities this year to reflect, grow, and foster spiritual disciplines. Ask for feedback. Be honest with yourself. Be uniquely you this year.

#3 Gain an accurate view of the needs around you.

People are hurting, lonely, and confused all around you. Trust me. I know Facebook states otherwise. But as you get to know people, you see vulnerability. Yes, even the cool people. Take time to see the big picture this year. Put a few of your own needs on hold and serve others. Remember that checking everything off your to-do list will not bring ultimate satisfaction. Helping others creates a unique sense of fulfillment. Serve others this year.

#4 Gain an accurate view on your priorities.

Not everything in life is created equal. You need priorities. There were moments last year that I said “yes” to everything. Whoa. I was totally overwhelmed… and yes, I worried. This year, I will focus and say “no” more often. Yes, I will serve others, but not everyone. I will love my family and friends, but not everyone will get the same attention. I will “crush it” at work, but not every single project. I will have priorities. Make this year count by choosing a few priorities. Focus and execute those things well.  

Will you gain an accurate view this year?

Gain an accurate view of Jesus, yourself, the needs of others, and your personal priorities. If you do this, then I believe you will have a year that will count. It will be more than successful, it will be significant. You are an Everyday World Changer. Start today!

How will you make this new year count? Please comment below or send me an email!