#002: Come and See (Part 2 OF 2) [PODCAST]

#002: Come and See (Part 2 OF 2) [PODCAST]

This podcast session features the second part of my first talk on the topic, “Being Disciples, Making Disciples”.

We diminish our impact as World Changers when we do not take time to disciple people around us. Discipleship was Jesus’ main strategy — His master plan. Let’s do it too!

If you haven’t done so yet, please go back and listen to Session 1 for the first part of the talk.

This week’s session

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Main Outline

  • Main Text: John 1:35-51
  • How Can You Start Making Disciples?
    • First, point out Jesus in everyday life
    • Second, bring your friends to Jesus
    • Third, act like Jesus would towards your friends
  • How Can You Start Becoming a Disciple?
    • First, be curious about Jesus and who He is
    • Second, be open to making changes in your life
    • Third, allow Jesus to direct your life

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Do you have any  questions about this session? How have you been able to be a disciple or make disciples during the past year? Please share below!