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This song was written as a prayer for the listener.  I wanted each person to assume the humble posture of worship.  Worship has to be more than singing songs, playing music, and feeling inspired.  It must be a lifestyle that you and I strive to reach everyday through Jesus.  Therefore, leave your burdens and sing a song of love to Jesus today.  Many of my friends tease me because this song has a loopy techno-feel… yeah, they’re right.  One day it will make the club scene – just wait! 

You Are Lord

This song was written to express the vastness of God displayed throughout the Bible.  He is known by various names, deeds, and characteristics.  I wanted the listener to take a stroll through the Bible and praise God for all the ways He has shown His faithfulness.  Furthermore, I wanted the listener to claim each of these expressions as his/her own.  “You Are… this for me”  Interestingly enough, many of my cousins love this song because it means a lot to them!  This was the second song I wrote while in college.  Oh by the way, we wrote a really complicated intro to this song, spent weeks rehearsing it, and then decided to trash it.

Praise The Lord

This song was written with the immigrant South Asian culture in mind.  I wanted to write a song that my parents could really enjoy — especially my Dad.  It had to be upbeat with a straight tempo, lyrically repetitive, communally expressive, and be filled with Psalm-like praise!  I put all that into a blender, and presto!  I got this song.  This was our first original song that I wrote while a student at The University of Texas at Austin.  Also, a lesser known fact, I wanted to add indigenous Indian drums and percussion to this song, but the band shot the idea down!  Haha! 

Run To Zion

This is probably our most popular song.  I truly love this song.  This was my first attempt at writing a ballad.  However, I did not want to use the same word bank as most of the modern day worship leaders. I was fascinated by this place called, “Zion”.  It was described all over the Psalms.  I wanted to go there.  Zion was the symbol of the fully-realized Kingdom and the figurative place that all nations would gather to worship God eternally. That picture created awe and worship within me.  I wanted to encourage listeners to not give up in their pursuits to change the world into the likeness of The Kingdom.  God is on the way, so do not lose hope as we run to Zion and as Zion draws closer to us!  This song has been sung back to me countless times!  For example, when playing board games, if someone is about to win, they begin to sing the chorus!  Haha.  Or one time, while I was in a public restroom, someone walked up to the urinal beside me, saw me, and started to sing the bridge of the song…. “Hold on, finish the race…”  Sheesh.  Oh, and I love the groove in the verses. 

Great Things

This song is a celebration!  It is a chance to brag about God and everything He has done in the listener’s life so far!  On another note, this song is SUPER fun to play live!!  This was my attempt to mix some of my favorite artists together (i.e. particularly Dave Matthews, Fred Hammond, and Salvador).  I wanted to create a tune that showed that we love strong musicianship — that this is also worship unto God.  Playing your instrument well, with passion, and with excellence is a good thing!  I wanted the song to straddle between two different keys, lay down a funky bass and drum groove, and create room for killer improvisation on sax and guitar.  After a few months of arguing, re-writing, and deleting entire portions of the song, “Great Things” was finally born!  I can keep this song on repeat all day! 

Let Go

This song is definitely not meant to be the classic worship song for a church setting.  It was written to mend the broken hearts of three people in my life at the time:  a church friend, one of my extended family members, and myself.  All of us had suffered some sort of agonizing relationship break-up.  Whether long-distance, long-term, or long-overdue, the pain of love lost was difficult to process.  I wanted  the listener to struggle with the idea of pain versus love.  Eventually, I wanted all to know that pain made way for true love as Jesus paid an ultimate price for us.  “You were worth dying for…” is the line that exclaims that each one of us has intrinsic value before God no matter what others say or do!  This was the first song that I wrote on the piano for the band.  It was also the first time I wrote a non-worship tune.  Placing this song on the CD created a lot of anxiety — it felt risky.  However, I have received many notes of gratitude and encouragement because of this song!

My Plan

This song was written by my cousin Gleason Daniel when we were both in a band called “Crimson eXchange”.  It was a band that we started in high school that created positive rock alternative music.  I really like the lyrics of this song!  It calls the listener to a place of self-evaluation.  You can continue down the road everyone else is on, or make the decision to take the road less traveled.  Though parts of your life may feel broken, you can get back on track!  The listener can join in the chorus and say proudly to all, “This is the way I picture, This is the way I see…”  I decided to remake the song with latin funk elements by making room for more horn, guitar, and percussion improvisation.  This song was FUN to record in the studio.  Though this song was remade in the studio, we have never played it live!  I hope this song brightens your mood!  Play it loud.

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My Plan written by Gleason Daniel
Fill This Temple written by Jodie Varughese
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