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Thanks for visiting my speaking page!  I am humbled and honored to be considered for your event.  I hope that you experience first-hand how I love communicating my thoughts to audiences in practical, fun, and engaging ways.  On this page, you will find information about the following:

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My commitment is to bring you 100% of my energy and passion.  I have been speaking for over 10 years, and it truly brings me satisfaction when your group has a stellar experience.  Being a musician, worship leader, and itinerant speaker, I have experienced what it takes to come to an event prepared, engaged, and motivated.

Thanks again for considering me.  I hope that we can work together soon. Check Availability


Featured Topics


The Edge

This series is about mobilizing your next generation of world changers through leadership and character development. Take your leadership to “The Edge”!

Apostolic Movements 

This talk will teach you how to lead apostolic movements that change the world. Start something new with prayerful, spiritual entrepreneurship!
Photo Courtesy of miggslives (cc)

Dismantling The Dream

This talk is about dismantling the American dream and unlocking the potential to be powerful agents of change. Change the trajectory of your life!

Pure Wonder

This series is about you becoming the worship leader that God desires. Learn how to cultivate musical excellence, deep character, practical skills, and more.
Linson and Betina

Define Love

This talk will teach you how to pursue a Godly romantic relationship. Society says only 50% of marriages will make it — let’s prove them wrong!

The Gospel in HD

This series will teach you how to be an effective evangelist in a world that only knows of a low-resolution Gospel. You need the vivid picture, clear sound, and the full experience of the Gospel.

Outside of these featured topics, I can customize a speaking series or stand-alone talk for your event.  I love exposition-style preaching from requested parts of the Bible.  I also love to do training on discipleship, leadership, evangelism, ethnic identity development, etc.  Just let me know what you would like and I will do my best to make it happen.

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Scheduled Events 2016


Previous Events 2015

01/02/15 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) IMPACT Reset Series
01/09/15-01/11/15 India Pentecostal Assembly (Yukon, OK) Small Group Training/Launch
01/16/15-01/17/15 North Texas Leadership Summit (Richardson, TX) Holistic Discipleship
01/30/15 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) IMPACT Reset Series
02/20/15 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) IMPACT SEVIIN Series
03/02/15-03/03/15 InterVarsity AAM Communicators Cohort (Orlando, FL) Vocational Stewardship
03/13/15-03/15/15 Regional International Students Conference (Houston, TX) Look, See, Imagine
05/11/15-05/18/15 REC WEEK 1 (Burnet, TX) Leadership Training
05/19/15-05/26/15 REC WEEK 2 (Burnet, TX) Evangelism Training
06/24/15-06/25/15 Metro Church of God (Dallas, TX) Vacation Bible School
06/27/15 Mishal and Samuel Wedding (Dallas, TX) Wedding Message
06/28/15 Metro Church of God (Dallas, TX) When All Hope Seems Lost
07/04/15 InterVarsity National (Madison, WI) Staff Director Training
07/12/15 Metro Church of God (Dallas, TX) Lessons from the Corinthian Church
07/22/15 InterVarsity AAM (San Francisco, CA) Leadership Team Meetings
08/11/15 InterVarsity Regional (Dallas, TX) Intern Training
08/30/15 District Church of God (Dallas, TX) Reaching Second-Generation South Asians
09/06/15 Metro Church of God (Dallas, TX) Ephesians 1
09/10/15 University of North Texas (Denton, TX) Vocational Stewardship
09/19/15 Reagan and Jerine Wedding (Oklahoma City, OK) Wedding Message
09/22/15 Dallas InterVarsity Alumni (Dallas, TX) Vision and Mission
09/23/15 University of Texas at Dallas (Richardson, TX) Vocational Stewardship
09/24/15 Texas Woman’s University (Denton, TX) Vocational Stewardship
09/25/15-09/27/15 PYCD Annual Conference (Dallas, TX) Unity
10/02/15-10/04/15 InterVarsity Encounter (Bridgeport, TX) Speaking of Jesus
10/11/15 Metro Church of God (Dallas, TX) Ephesians 2
10/24/15 Anisha and Rony Wedding (Dallas, TX) Wedding Message
11/01/15 Metro Church of God (Dallas, TX) Ephesians 3
11/21/15 Nancy and Ryan Wedding (Austin, TX) Wedding Message
12/04/15 South Asian InterVarsity (Dallas, TX) South Asian Task Force
12/26/15-01/01/16 Urbana Missions Conference (Dallas, TX) Find Your Life

Previous Events 2014

01/07/14-01/11/14 InterVarsity National Staff Conference (St. Louis, MO) Developing World Changers
01/17/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Facing your Giants
01/24/14 Baylor University (Waco, TX) God’s Mission at the University
01/30/14 University of North Texas (Denton, TX) Faking it with God
02/09/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Communal Obedience
02/13/14-02/16/14 Breakthrough Conference (Waco, TX) Sent out in Worship
02/22/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Worship Leaders Workshop
02/23/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Missional Impulse
02/24/14 InterVarsity Dallas City Team (Dallas, TX) Discipleship Cycles Workshop
04/02/14 University of Texas at Dallas (Richardson, TX) The Cost of Discipleship
04/03/14 University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX) Kingdom-Minded Leadership
04/19/14 IPC Shalom (Garland, TX) Life Worthy of the Calling
04/27/14 Metro Church of God/strong> (Farmers Branch, TX) At the Gate Called Beautiful
05/10/14-05/16/14 REC Week 1: Student Conference (Burnet, TX) DiscipleSHIFT
05/17/14-05/23/14 REC Week 2: Student Conference (Burnet, TX) DiscipleSHIFT
06/01/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Life Group Leader Training Part 1
06/08/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Life Group Leader Training Part 2
06/11/14-06/13/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Young Adults VBS Sessions
06/20/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) IMPACT Block Party
06/27/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Sunday School Teacher Training
06/29/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) The Road Less Traveled (Psalms 1)
07/18/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Crazy in Love with God (Luke 19)
07/27/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) The Power of Pentecost (Acts 2)
08/01/14-08/05/14 South Asian InterVarsity Leadership Institute (Boston, MA) Dismantling the South Asian American Dream
08/11/14-08/13/14 North Texas Area Team Meetings (Dallas, TX) New Student Outreach Training
08/15/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Crazy in Love with God’s People (Rev. 7)
08/23/14 UNT Health Sciences Center (Forth Worth, TX) Leadership Training
08/28/14 University of Houston (Houston, TX) Gathering to Grow, Life of Peter
08/29/14 Texas A&M University (College Station, TX) What is InterVarsity?
09/04/14 University of Texas at Dallas (Richardson, TX) How to be a Successful College Student
09/05/14-09/07/14 Metro Church of God Family Retreat (Ardmore, OK) As for Me and My House
09/12/14 UNT Health Science Center (Fort Worth, TX) What is InterVarsity?
09/13/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Sunday School Teachers Training
09/17/14 University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX) Our God is Self-Sacrificing
09/18/14 Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) What is Godly Community?
09/26/14 Baylor University (Waco, TX) Awesome Purpose
10/12/14 Harvest Church of God (Dallas, TX) Transformational South Asian Church
11/21/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Jesus Reverses the Curse of Sin
11/23/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Jesus is the King!
12/05/14 UNT Health Science Center (Forth Worth, TX) The Road to Bethlehem
12/19/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) IMPACT Christmas
12/21/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Life Group Leaders Training
12/28/14 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) TBA

Previous Events 2013

12/26/12-12/31/12 Urbana Missions Conference (St. Louis, MO)  Dismantling the South Asian American Dream
12/26/12-12/31/12 Urbana Missions Conference (St. Louis, MO)  Leading Apostolic Movements
01/11/13 University of North Texas (Denton, TX)  Student Training in Leadership
01/19/13 University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)  Student Training in Leadership
02/05/13 Dallas Baptist University (Dallas, TX)  Planting: Start Something New
02/06/13 The University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX)  Dismantling the South Asian American Dream
02/07/13 Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)  Student Training in Discipleship
02/08/13-02/09/13 UNT Health Sciences Center (Fort Worth, TX)  Student Training in Leadership
02/11/13 Texas A&M Commerce (Commerice, TX)  Planting: Start Something New
02/15/13-02/17/13 Breakthrough Student Conference (Latham Springs, TX)  Planting: Start Something New
02/19/13 Abilene Christian University (Abilene, TX)  Planting: Start Something New
02/21/13 University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)  Define Love
03/07/13-03/10/13 National Asian American Ministries Staff Conference (Long Beach, CA)  Unleashing a Prophetic Imagination
04/02/13 University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)  Dismantling the South Asian American Dream
04/03/13 Texas A&M Commerce (Commerce, TX)  Dismantling the American Dream
04/04/13 University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)  Dismantling the South Asian American Dream
04/17/13 Texas A&M Commerce (Commerce, TX)  Cancelled
04/18/13 Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX)  Cancelled
04/24/13 University of Texas at Dallas (Richardson, TX)  Dismantling the South Asian American Dream
04/26/13-04/28/13 Northwest Regional Asian American Students Conference (Seattle, WA)  Marks of Authentic Worship (Pure Wonder)
05/03/13 UNT Health Sciences Center (Fort Worth, TX) Campus Leadership Training
05/11/13-05/17/13 REC WEEK 1 Student Conference (Burnet, TX) The Gospel in HD
05/18/13-05/24/13 REC WEEK 2 Student Conference (Burnet, TX) The Gospel in HD
06/21/13 Grace Community Church (Plano, TX) Investing Your Minas (Luke 19)
07/19/13-07/20/13 Culture SHIFT 2013 (Dallas, TX) Student Training in Leadership
08/30/13-09/01/13 IPC Midwest Regional Conference (Oklahoma City, OK) Sharing Our Faith (John 1-4)
09/05/13 Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX) Come & See (John 1)
09/06/13-09/08/13 Metro Church of God Student Retreat (Mt. Lebanon, TX) Loving Like Jesus (1 John 4)
09/11/13 University of Texas – OneWay Christian Fellowship (Austin, TX) Fear vs. Faith (Luke 12)
09/13/13 University of North Texas Health Sciences Center (Fort Worth, TX) Come & See (John 1)
09/20/13-09/22/13 South Texas Area Student Retreat (Corpus Christi, TX) Disciples Make Disciples (John 1-4)
10/02/13 Baylor University – UNITE InterVarsity (Waco, TX) Rooted, Built Up, and Strengthened (Colossians 2)
10/10/13 University of Texas at Dallas (Richardson, TX) God’s Mission at the University
10/17/13 Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX) How to Disciple Others Effectively
10/25/13 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) God’s Mission for the World
10/27/13 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) A Church that Prospers
11/01/13-11/03/13 AACM Fall Conference (Austin, TX) Taste and See
11/07/13 University of North Texas (Denton, TX) The Helmet of Salvation
11/21/13 University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR) Start Something New
12/01/13 Harvest Church of God (Dallas, TX) Psalms 1
12/06/13 University of North Texas Health Sciences Center (Fort Worth, TX) Meaning of Christmas
12/14/13 Prospective Staff Dinner (Dallas, TX) Vision and Mission of InterVarsity/USA
12/21/13 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) The Gift of Jesus
12/29/13 Metro Church of God (Farmers Branch, TX) Make This New Year Count!

Please do not hesitate to inquire about my availability.  I would love to speak to your group!

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“The word, “apostolic” is being used a great deal in discussions when the topic turns to growing Christian movements but few offer much in the way of definitions.  Linson Daniel brings refreshing clarity to our understanding of what it means when he speaks on Apostolic Movements. He clarifies what an apostolic movement looks like and outlines its basic characteristics.  I heartily recommend him on this topic.”

CHRIS NICHOLS, Regional Director, New England, IVCF/USA, Boston, MA

“Linson Daniel is one of the best communicators I know (and I know hundreds). He has an incredible ability to capture an audience’s imagination and maintain their full attention through story telling and humor. But, his primary purpose when speaking is to inspire audiences to be fully on mission for Jesus. Linson modeled all these attributes through his “Apostolic Movements” talk in the Urbana 2012 US Student Leadership Track. And, based on the track evaluations, I am fairly confident that many mini apostolic movements will begin throughout the country because of Linson’s message.”

JASON THOMAS, Regional Director, Red River, IVCF/USA, Austin, TX

“With a warm, winsome sense of humor, Linson challenges the prevailing picture of the good life with an inspiring vision of life in the Kingdom of God. His own story is full of laughter and redemption, and as a speaker, he tells it with humility, conviction and the Spirit’s guidance.”

JAMES CHOUNG, National Director of Evangelism, IVCF/USA, Los Angeles, CA

“Linson is able to unpack the Scriptures in such a way that only few can.  With clear and simple language as well as hilarious and profound examples he will help you to truly experience Jesus through his speaking and teaching.  He takes every care to understand his audience while being sensitive to the Holy Spirit to say what needs to be said in such a winsome manner.  I can see why Linson is such a wanted speaker.  I’m so glad we got him!”

NICK DOMBROWSKI, University of Texas Pan-American and South Texas College, IVCF/USA, Rio Grande Valley, TX

“Linson Daniel really knows how break down the word of God. Many people tend to miss what the scriptures are actually saying. Linson took the word and made us realize how easy it to share the Gospel. Before you can run you need to know how to stand and he made many people understand the basics of sharing the Gospel. He relates to the younger generation very well and keeps us laughing with great stories and examples of the love of God.”

CHARLES MATHEW, Regional Leadership Team, IPC Midwest, Oklahoma City, OK

“Linson is an excellent communicator who invited us to sit before God’s Word and re-imagine our lives in Christ. With disarming humor and clear vision, Linson shares passionately about how Christ has transformed his life and calls others to respond to the Caller.”

JON NG, University of Texas at Austin, IVCF/USA, Austin, TX

“Linson and I met as teenagers. I’ve grown to cherish his friendship more and more as the years have passed. Our paths continue to cross through the common bonds of ministry that allowed us to connect years ago. Talking of Linson’s brilliance is a challenge because it is multifaceted. Linson has transformed from a shy, talented young man into a meek, fearless, articulate, powerful and colorful teacher. He allows his audience to peer into his personal life as he shares relatable, quirky anecdotes that paint a backdrop for his teachings. Unassuming as he may be, Linson will win you over with his quick-wit and charm yet humility reigns supreme in every scenario whether he speaks with a table full of curious students or a assembly hall packed with young and old. Linson Daniel, a stealth, sharp man of God.”

LIZ VARUGHESE, Worship Leader, Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen Ministries, Houston, TX

“I first heard Linson speak at the the US Student Leadership Track at Urbana 2012. He was not only entertaining and informative, but also deeply engaging. He communicated a lot of ideas and topics while managing to make people laugh and enjoy themselves. I personally believe he was one of the best speakers over the course of the whole track! I later got to talk with him more personally at a dessert function at Urbana for students interested in InterVarsity staff. He was a great encouragement to me in my decision to apply…”

CHRISTIAN HOLMES, University of North Carolina, IVCF/USA, Asheville, NC

It is rare to meet an individual who carries a voice of a generation effectively, with passion and speaks with authority and influence – at least not until you meet Linson Daniel.  He is a charismatic speaker that can connect with any audience.  Regardless if it’s a small church group, a corporate team, or as a large conference presenter – Linson has a keen ability to relate his message to his audience and help make it come alive.  He often shares from real life experiences that allow him to make any message (the gospel or otherwise) relevant.  The funny anecdotal commentary along the way provides insight into his own struggles, challenges and triumphs as a son, older brother, friend, mentor, husband, and now as a father.”

DAVIS JOHN ABRAHAM, President, Pentecostal Youth Fellowship of America, New York, NY

“Linson has a unique way of capturing any audience [young or old] whether it’s one on one, a seminar/workshop, or a conference full of people. He speaks raw relevant truth and won’t shy away from tough topics. He is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring, encouraging, and effective communicators that I personally know.”

MJ OOMMEN, Founder & Director, Bound2aCause, Oklahoma City, OK

“Linson is an amazing friend who loves Jesus and His word. He carries an ability to communicate The Word in such a passionate and versatile way. What I love most about Linson is the genuine and authentic way he loves his family and his friends. I’m either left laughing, inspired or contemplating something when I’m around him. I’m thankful to know and be friends with such an incredible guy.”

STAN JOHNSON, CATALYST Conferences + Passion City Church, Atlanta, GA

“Linson has a remarkable ability to communicate the truth in such a way that Scripture comes to life before our eyes. His giftedness as a communicator is not only seen in his audience’s unwavering attention, but also in their new-found commitment to live all out for Jesus. Whether it is on stage, or over a cup of coffee, Linson Daniel always leaves me inspired.”

JASON JAMES, English Lead Pastor, IPC Hebron, Houston, TX

“When launching our church small group system, we could think of no one more qualified than Linson to come and get us started and provide training. His ability to relate to the audience so well, young and old, is rare among speakers today. His knowledge of small groups is truly invaluable to our community and we believe he will be even more of an influence in helping develop vibrant biblical community in our churches. He truly has a passion for South Asian young people and even a short conversation with him will reveal his passion for the next generation. We believe he will impact many for the Kingdom in coming days.”

PASTOR BAIJU THEVATHERIL, English Pastor, International Pentecostal Assembly, Yukon, OK

“Linson Daniel clearly has a heart for seeing people look more and more like Jesus.  He is truly a visionary, as he is uniquely able to help people WANT to be disciples of Jesus. His disciple-making seminar is Christ-centered, practical, hands-on, and easily applicable; students at Trinity University are already figuring out how to apply what they learned on campus!  We definitely recommend Linson as a speaker for this seminar.”

JACOB & CHRISTINA FOOR, Trinity University, IVCF/USA, San Antonio, TX

“The South Asian American dream is the American Dream on steroids!” I love how Linson brings such clarity and conviction on the strengths and weaknesses of our culture through the example of his life and through his humor. He uses all of who God has created him to be to speak truth into how God wants us as South Asians to live our lives according to God’s standards- not our own, our parents, or our community’s. He does a phenomenal job of tying Scripture, personal stories, and humor to deliver a difficult but powerful message…”

MAUREEN MATHEW, University of Texas, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, Austin, TX

“The balance between side-splitting humor and jaw-dropping profundity is a difficult one to find. But it’s exciting when you do find it. Linson’s got that balance. He is a great speaker. He makes you laugh. He makes you think. But, even more importantly, when you listen to what he’s saying, you realize he’s in love with God. Like he realizes it as he shares what’s on his heart. Like he re-realizes it as he prays. It’s always a blessing to be around this guy, and I hope he continues blowing minds away for Christ.”

CHARLES SAMUEL, Student, Worship Leader, Songwriter, New York, NY

“Inviting Linson Daniel to speak at our conference was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. From the first word he said in his first talk, the students at our conference were inspired and mesmerized by his amazing and creative way of communicating the mission of Christ. He is able to incorporate inspiring personal stories, well-timed humor, and prophetic oratory to speak relevantly and honestly to this millennial generation that longs to be challenged for more. He was the catalyst for sending our students back to campus with renewed vision. Linson’s powerful and Spirit-filled words still reverberate today through the fruit that has come from the ways that our students have applied his convicting exhortation to live out authentic worship on our campuses and region. On a personal note, as a colleague and a friend, Linson is one of the most humble, encouraging, passionate, and gifted people that I have ever met. If you are looking for a speaker who will push forward the spiritual, missional, and apostolic gifts and calling of your community, I can say with full confidence that Linson is the person for you. You will definitely not regret it!”

CHRISTIAN CHIN, University of Washington, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, Seattle, WA

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